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Bob Sander-Cederlof

my picture
...taken about December 1998

Just a little about me...

Our main web site:

Come and see me on Linked In and FaceBook.

I am currently (2016) working fulltime at Telecore, Inc., in Richardson, Texas.

I worked as a software engineer at Adobe over 21 years (counting the time at Macromedia (swallowed by Adobe) and Altsys (swallowed by Macromedia)). Over those 21 years I worked about 14 years on FreeHand, one year on Fireworks, and six years on Flash.

In the 1980's, I published the Apple Assembly Line newsletter, and a family of software tools for the Apple II world, including the S-C Macro Assembler. (More on this below.)

My wife and I are avidly researching our family trees, having become thoroughly addicted to genealogy. We have a little tree of our own, with five children, 18 grandchildren, and one great-grandson. So far. More about our family (and more pictures!):

Some of my favorite links...
Adobe: Producers of FreeHand, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, In Design, and more!
Apple Computer: Maker of the Friendliest Computers in the World
Reunion Genealogy Software (Leister Productions): The best genealogy software for your Macintosh
Dallas Theological Seminary: The seminary I attended in 1973 and 1974.
Reviews of books by E. P. Roe: My favorite 19th century novelist.
Poems I have written over the years.

Download a 906K compressed GEDCOM of the Harris family

Some of the names we are researching...
Casey, Cederlof, Glasscock, Hardin, Harris, Kurtz, Martin, Maxey, Penquite, Price, Sander, Turner
Sander-Cederlof Family History

About S-C Software Corporation and Apple II software...
For over 8 years (1980-88) S-C Software Corporation delivered a suite of developer tools and information about programming the Apple II, II plus, //e, //c, and //gs computers. However, with the march of history, and the progress of the computer industry, the market for this wonderful series of machines disappeared. As a result, I shut down S-C Software in 1988.

I no longer have any Apple II hardware, I have given it all away. Likewise, I no longer have access to any Apple II software. If you are interested in any of the former products of S-C Software Corporation, such as the S-C Macro Assembler, any of the cross assemblers, the Double Precision Floating Point package, or back issues of Apple Assembly Line, you might contact Lawrence Allen. Lawrence has a huge collection of Apple II software and hardware, including the masters of all of my software and a full set of newsletters.

Several people have received permission from me to post copies of my software and newsletters on their web sites. For example, Paul Schlyter has posted quite a few on this site:

On my own site, I have posted all issues of the Apple Assembly Line.

Scott Alfter has posted a number of issues of the Apple Assembly Line newsletter at

Sam Bergmans, in the Netherlands, reverse-engineered the S-C Macro Assembler and created a version which runs under MSDOS or Windows. He also has created a large number of cross assembler "overlays", and provides it all free. Sam calls it the S-B Assembler, and you can find it and download it at

For more, just search with your favorite search engine for terms like "Sander-Cederlof", "S-C Software", "S-C Macro Assembler", or "Apple Assembly Line".

Last Updated 27 April 2012